HIMSS Support for 2 Bills


Support for 2 Bills Advancing Health Information Exchanges and Telehealth


Dear HIMSS Member,

We are writing to you today to inform you of two bills (Senate Bill 1049 and House Bill 2566) in the Missouri legislature which directly affect our entire membership.

Senate Bill 1049 (https://www.cqstatetrack.com/texis/redir?id=5e57264042) states that “participants of a health information exchanges operated by a health information organization may disclose, access, or use individually identifiable information, provided that an individual has the right to opt out of having his or her identifiable information accessible through the exchange. A health information organization shall implement policies governing privacy and security of individually identifiable information accessible through the exchange and shall maintain written notice of such policies on a publicly accessible website.”

House Bill No. 2566 (https://www.cqstatetrack.com/texis/redir?id=5e55d4b645ac) defines the criteria for which healthcare providers can provide telehealth services and coverage determinations of telehealth services by insurance companies.


Providers licensed by the state of Missouri with an active license and no suspension/revocation of their license are eligible (full details are laid out in the bill)

Healthcare providers not licensed in Missouri are allowed to participate in the care of a Missouri patient, but only in specific circumstances (informal and formal consultation and in case of an emergency or disaster). Providers located in the state will be reimbursed for their services.

Health carriers may not exclude a covered service solely due to the delivery of care via telehealth

Telehealth will not be subject to additional charges than a face-to-face encounter (no additional co-pay, deductible, co-insurance)

No additional policy cap will be applied to telehealth services that are not already present in the terms and services

We encourage you to read each bill to get the full details of each piece of legislation (6 and 4 pages respectively). We believe these two bills will advance health technology utilization to the benefit of all Missourians. With this in mind, we ask that you sign onto the letter attached, expressing your support to your state representative to pass both bills.


Mohammad Agha, MD MHA

Lian Collins HCISPP RHIA